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Shredder PSX

Shredder PSX

PSX Hammer Shredder

Efficient and durable mill for grinding metal scrap, made of welded reinforced steel sheets. The machine is equipped with a re-grinding system, an unloading gate with a hydraulic buffer for elements that cannot be shredded.

The main components of the shredder

apron conveyor

Feeding roller

hammer mill

main motor

hydraulic system

magnetic separator

electric control system

dust extraction system

Hammer rotor

The rotor mainly consists of 7 center discs and 2 end discs made of alloy steel, and a middle shaft made of heat-treated alloy steel.

The rotor is equipped with 4 hammer pins made of heat treated alloy steel and 10 iron hammers. The contact surfaces between the rotor discs and the hammer pins are protected by hardened and tempered protective covers. Any space between the discs that does not contain a hammer is protected by hammer pin guards.

Hammer punch

The hammer punch makes it easier to remove the pins when replacing hammers and pads. This unit is not continuously connected to the hydraulic power pack, but is delivered with a hydraulic pre-installation which only needs to be connected to a supported hydraulic power pack.

Metal support platform

The machine is equipped with steel platforms with safety barriers enabling access to all elements of the device.

Main engine and control cabinet

The engine is the input source of power for the shredder. It is a three-phase asynchronous motor with a wound rotor. Rated operating voltage is 6000V or 400V (to be confirmed by the buyer), the rated frequency is 50Hz. The synchronous speed is 594r / min. The temperature sensor is mounted in the motor bearing together with the dehumidification device.
The high voltage motor can control start, finish and running, and it also includes the protection function such as short circuit, overload, phase failure, over temperature and under voltage.


Type Output (T/h) Output (T/h) Feeding Width (mm)
PSX-3030 3-5 110 800
PSX-4050 6-10 315-355 1,300
PSX-5070 10-15 450-560 1,800
PSX-6080 15-30 750-1,120 2,100
PSX-80104 30-50 1,500-2,200 2,600
PSX-88104 80-100 3,500 2,600
PSX-98104 120-160 4,500 2,600


Efficient and durable scrap hammer mills.

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Shredder PSX