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Sorting machine

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Sorting machine

Individual separation systems.

Individually designed metal and non-metal scrap separation systems. SIMVIC has developed a set of high-quality machines and components to build efficient and accurate separation systems. Perfectly matched elements allow you to build the expected installation, and when the need arises, it is possible to rebuild and expand the installation to meet the current needs.

The SIMVIC system includes elements such as:

Chain plate feeding system

Belt conveyor

Inclined belt conveyor

Electromagnetic separator


Air separation

Eddy Current

Platform of Eddy current

Ferrous conveyor

Fluff conveyor

Induction sorter

Platform of Induction separation

Vibrating feeder

ESS induction

Electric control system

Compressed air system

De-dusting system

Working conditions

The lowest temperature for the equipment is -30℃.

The electric and hydraulic rooms should install measures of cold protection and dust-proof. The window of the control room should have measure of bulletproof window.

If the temperature is above 5℃, the L-HM32 or L-HM46 hydraulic oil can be used. If below 5℃, it is suggested to use L-HV32 or L-HV46 hydraulic oil.

Power load(voltage and frequency to be confirmed by buyer)

Power source:

Low voltage: three-phase 380V/50Hz


sorting machine

1.Magnetic drum

Quipment  introduction:
The magnetic drum is composed of frame, magnetic drum, motor, reducer, etc. The internal magnetic element is an electromagnet.

DRUM MAGNET is used to separate mixed ferrous and nonferrous materials that are fed to it in a continuous stream.

● drum magnetic separator can be extracted to higher purity ferromagnetic substance .the iron be separated is clean , without any non magnetic impurities .
● Roller surface has protection device , compared with the traditional self - unloading type magnetic separator , effectively reduce sharp iron damage to equipment , and prevent the big iron wear of belt tension , extend the service life,lowmaintenance costs , reduce running cost .
● Along the belt running direction installation , reducing the installation space , applicable to any Angle belt conveyor installation .Packaging suitable for ocean transportation



Size of drum(mm)

Motor Power(KW)

Excitaition power(kw)


















2.Eddy current


Product advantage

(1)Imported bearings with long serrrvice life 
(2)Special design prevent the magnetic system fall off
(3)Check and alarm system to monitoring machine operation. 
(4)Magnetic materials come from the magnetic capital of the world and have the advantage of origin.
(5)The machine adopts spray treatment to ensure the equipment durability under special working conditions
(6)Special magnetic system structure is designed to provide a more efficient magnetic source to maximize the inductive throwing force of the metal.


Eddy current separator designing principle
Type Pole number Magnetic lntensity (GS) Speed(r/min)


24-38 3500-4500 3000-4000



Belt width




1000 1000 7.8 2-8 3200 5000 2260 2150
1250 1250 7.8 3500 2460
1500 1500 11.5 4000 2660


3.Inductive separator


Product  advantage

(1)Optimized mechanical design together with top level components in terms of electric motor and gearbox etc to reduce the down time.Optimized streamlined chamber to reduce faulty shooting and rebound.
(2)Ultra high resolution induc tive sensor could detect> 1 mm moving inductive( metal) particle, with high speed transmission of signal to eject in target fraction in accurate time, with adjustable sensitivity to detect variable fraction such as stainless or ICW.


Model Working width(mm) Dimension L*W*H Z(mm) Weight(kg) Power(kw)
ESS-11200 1200 6000*990*1780 2900 5.5
ESS-11800 1800 6000*1590*1780 3800 6.5
ESS-1 2400 2400 6000*2290*1780 4800 7.5


4.X ray transmission separator


Product  advantage

(1)New version high power X ray source ,no need complex preheating progress,sorting after power on .X- ray sourceemission stable and long life time.
(2)Dual energy sensor limits the noise due to the thickness variation. High resolution detector is capable to detect 2mm heavy fraction.


Model Working width(mm) Dimension L*W*H Z(mm) Weight(kg) Power(kw)
XRT1200 1000 6100*1750*2400 3800 6.5
XRT1800 1600 6100*2350*2580 4800 7.5
XRT2400 2200 6100*2950*2400 5800 8.5


5.Color  separator


Product  advantage

(1)With high resolution line camera scanning the RGB color in high speed with no shelter LED
illumination model to improve the detection of dark or invisible particle. The camera is also programmed for shape detection
(2)Optional inductive sensor to add on one more filter in terms of metal signal to select or limit the target fraction from stream.
(3)Optimized mechanical design together with top level components in terms of electric motor and gearbox etc to reduce the down time.


Model Working width(mm) Dimension L*W*H Z(mm) Weight(kg) Power(kw)
ESS-CL-1200 1200 6000*990*1780 2900 5.5
ESS-CL-1800 1800 6000*1590*1780 3800 6.5
ESS-CL-2400 2400 6000*2290*1780 4800 7.5

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