Innovation in recycling.

Scrap recycling system
Individual designs for individual needs.
Efficient, powerful pre-shredders for stand-alone applications and in scrap recovery systems.
Efficient, reliable, powerful machines that crush scrap metal for separation and recovery processes.
Scrap baler shear
Rapid scrap shears. They allow for cutting with precision and high pressure of dimensional scrap and for packing the charge resulting from the cutting process.
Various separation systems for non-ferrous and ferrous scrap.
Effective dedusting and filtration systems for scrap recovery lines.
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The real engine of progress is innovation.


SIMVIC is one of the largest producers of machines for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

SIMVIC is one of the largest producers of grinding systems. We are committed to innovation in the design, production and servicing of scrap metal processing machines.

We focus on the needs of our clients and the current market conditions, constantly adapting to provide comprehensive and effective solutions for the global market.

In our offer you will find complete solutions and extremely durable, dynamic machines for recycling and processing ELV metals, non-ferrous and ferrous.

Our pre-shredders, powerful hammer mills and shears are very durable machines with a guarantee of fast uptime and minimal consumption of energy and consumables.
Our comprehensive and efficient solutions were developed by a team of international engineers using modern digital design tools.

We highly value the insights of our partners and customers, each subsequent machine is improved and practically adjusted to the individual needs of customers. A wide range of machines and solutions will meet all your needs.

Do you want to process aluminum scrap, brass, light iron, cars, bales, household appliances in industrial quantities? We have the right solution for you. Take advantage of our over 40 years of experience in manufacturing machinery for the recovery and recycling of metal scrap.