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Scrap baler shears

150 KW
Scrap baler shears

Scrap baler shear CENTER 500T

The main machine is composed of two parts: shearing body and compression box.
The body of the shears is welded with high-quality steel plates and forged steel parts, and assembled into the whole body after fine processing.
All sides of the shearing box are equipped with protective plates, which are made of HARDOX400 wear- resistant steel plates, which can greatly extend the service life of the
The guide groove is arranged on both sides of the pressing head of the shearing machine, which can ensure the stable operation of the pressing head and the lower part, and effectively reduce the wear damage caused by partial load to the pressing cylinder.
The sliding seat of the scissors adopts adjustable V- shaped guide rail design, and adopts the friction materials of steel and copper, which can ensure the stable and reliable shearing operation.
The blade of the shearing machine is made of high quality cutter steel after forging, semi-finishing machining, heat treatment and fine machining. The blade adopts symmetrical design, and the four edges can be used for exchange, which effectively reduces the consumption of wearing parts.


Technical Specifications

Cutting force


Hold down force


Box closing force


Pusher ram force


Cutting times 


Cutting width


Box length


Box width open


Box size close

800 x 600mm

Baler size

800 x 600mm x variable

Hydraulic oil tank capacity


Fuel tank capacity


Total weight


*without hydraulic oil and fuel


Diesel engine power unit


Electric version(option)


Cabin with conditionning


Wireless remote control


Landing legs



Equipment and options

Remote control A fully functional remote control that allows you to start, fully control the machine manually or automatically for one man operation from the loading crane.
Automatic and manual control The operator can run an automatic cycle when necessary, regardless of the position of the machine components. You can also work in manual mode, each compression can be controlled manually regardless of its position.
Touchscreen A touchscreen control panel installed on the machine monitors a programmable controller (PLC) that controls the manual or automatic functions.
GSM modem The GSM modem enables remote on-line access to all machine parameters, service by the manufacturer's technicians, diagnostics and updates.
Automatic lubrication All moving parts are automatically lubricated by the central lubrication system.
Oil heating/cooling The system ensures continuous operation of the machine regardless of weather conditions and external temperatures.
Oil leakage protection There is an oil tank on the entire surface of the machine, which provides comprehensive protection against any leakage of oil or fuel to the ground. The bowl has valves enabling the discharge of hazardous liquids to properly secured containers.
Pressure system The machine cylinders are equipped with internal pressure sensors to protect the cylinders, allow you to determine their exact position and pressure, which allows for smooth adjustment of the force for the guillotine cylinders or the density of pressed packages.

Production efficiency

Type of scrap Size Cut size Productivity/hour
N2 4 ≥ 6 mm 500 mm > 9-10 T/h
N7 > 6-8 mm 500 mm > 12-14 T/h
N10 < 4 mm 500 mm > 9-11 T/h
Rods: 90 mm Squares: 80 mm Plates: 50 mm  
Automatic packing cycle approx. 1 minute; up to 35 parcels / hour weighing 450-800 kg.
Bulk density of a package, depending on the material, from 1.2 T / m3 to 1.7 T / m3
* The test will have a minimum duration of one hour, ideal test duration two hours. The machine efficiency test will be carried out by SIMVIC engineers.


SIMVIC provides a 24-month warranty for the structure and 12 months for the hydraulic and electrical systems. The warranty covers free replacement of defective parts, provided that during normal operation the machine is subjected to regular inspections, which is entered in the service book. Defective parts should be returned to SIMVIC. Travel and service work in any other case is payable. Service response time 48 hours from the failure. The warranty does not cover consumable parts such as: oil filters, knives, friction linings, seals, etc. The warranty does not cover losses (caused by downtime), it covers only parts.

Other TechnicalSpecifications

Type Shear force
Shear width
Main Motor
Material box
Main parts
Q91Y-500/600 500/600 800 2*75 6000*800*600   Shear
  Wing parts
  Hydrulic system
  Platform and support
Q91Y-800 800      
Q91Y-1000 1000      
Q91Y-1250 1250      
Q91Y-1500 15000 1000 2*110+4*90 8660*950*900

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Solid structure, fast cutting process.

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Scrap baler shears