Comprehensive SIMVIC service.


Innovative projects

The innovativeness of new technologies provides new possibilities in the optimization of production processes and generates an increase in customer profits. A team of international engineers, analyzing the real needs of the market, develops design solutions for our machines and provides us with a competitive advantage.
We use the latest software and high-performance computer hardware in our design processes. Using 3D technology, we predict the real operation of devices.
After each new implementation, we conduct an audit in real conditions for a given location and operating conditions of the machine. Subsequent projects are improved with the results of the audit and suggestions of our clients.

Production quality

We are one of the largest producers of machinery for the recovery and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. We have over 40 years of experience in the production of industrial machinery.
Our factories and a team of experienced employees ensure short waiting times for the ordered production systems.
Our pre-shredders, powerful hammer mills and shear cutters are very durable machines with a guarantee of fast uptime and minimal consumption of energy and consumables.
The machines we manufacture have all the necessary quality certificates required on the global market.

Global reach

We have global sales representatives who provide our clients with practical advice, supervise the implementation process locally and provide service.
Our service provides quick diagnosis of failures and its repair by experienced engineers. Online diagnostics allows service technicians to perform appropriate repairs and protect machines against further defects.