simvic machines

PSX Shredder

PSX 5070/6080/80104

560 - 4410 kW


Our SIMVIC PSX Shredder is an affordable and durable hammer mill for processing all types of light scrap metal. A simple chassis made of tough, welded construction steel is a robust foundation for processing all scrap types. Coupled with minimal electronics, working with the PSX Shredder is a guarantee of time saved and maintenance costs decreased. Available as a stand alone unit or as a part of our Modular Recycling and Recovery Line.

The main components of the PSX

  • Feeding Conveyor (Apron)
  • Feeding Roller 
  • Scrap Shredder (Hammer Mill) 
  • Main motor and controlling cabinet 
  • Hydraulic Unit Box

Each component is customised based on customer's needs.

Shredding process

After leaving the Feeding Conveyor scrap metal is initially flattened by a feeding roller. Using the feeding roller for initial processing makes so that rotor is not susceptible to overload. This results in a smoother production process. 


  • 7 center discs
  • 2 alloy steel end discs
  • 4 heat treated alloy steel hammer pins and 10 manganese hammers
  • Heat-treated alloy steel middle shaft
  • The contact surfaces between the rotor discs and the hammer pins are protected by hardened and tempered protective covers
  • Any space between the discs that does not contain a hammer is protected by hammer pin guards
  • The hammer punch makes it easier to remove the pins when replacing hammers and pads

The shredding unit is delivered with a hydraulic pre-installation which needs to be connected to a supported hydraulic power pack.

The power unit

  • The engine is the input source of power for the shredder
  • The temperature sensor is mounted in the motor bearing together with the dehumidification device
  • All engines are soft-starting which lowers the start up energy demands
  • Motors used depend on individual needs of the client

The motor can control start, finish and running, and it also includes the protection functions such as short circuit, overload, phase failure, over temperature and under voltage


Type Output (T/h) Motor Power (KW) Feeding Width (mm) PSX-5070 8~15 560 (750KM) 1800 PSX-6080 15~30 750-1120 (1000 - 1500 KM) 2000 PSX-80104 30~55 1500-2200 (2000-3000KM) 2600 PSX-88104 80~100 3000 (4000KM) 2600 PSX-98104 120~160 4410(6000KM) 2600

Shredder PSX-5240

Scrap baler shears

Static Scrap Baler Shear

System Separation

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