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Scrap recycling and recovery systems

Recycling and recovery of metal scrap

Individually designed scrap recovery and recycling lines. The special feature is the compact adaptation of systems and machines that work together perfectly. The innovations tested in production guarantee satisfaction with the efficiency and reliability of production.

Individually adapted scrap recovery lines.

Each business requires individual solutions. SIMVIC has developed a set of high-quality machines and components for the construction of efficient production lines in the field of recovery, recycling and separation of metal scrap. Perfectly matched elements allow for the construction of the expected installation, and when the need arises, it is possible to rebuild the installation to meet the current needs.

The SIMVIC system includes elements such as:

  • Pre-shredders for shredding of bulky materials
  • Conveyor belt
  • Double flattening-feeding rollers
  • Hammer mill for shredding of scrap metal (Shredder)
  • Electrical power and control system
  • Magnetic separation systems
  • Z-box separation system
  • Non-ferrous metal separation systems
  • Eddy current separators
  • Induction separators
  • Dry or wet dedusting systems
  • Feeder-collector system

PLC control

The entire recovery line is controlled by a central PLC system with full monitoring and control room. The system manages the electrics, hydraulics and other systems of the entire production line. Control cabinets are protected against flooding and dust.

The system includes seven control cabinets outside the dust extraction system, one of them is a PLC storage. Besides, it has seven local operation boxes installed on different machines that enable start, stop and emergency shutdown for the unit.

Working conditions

  • The lowest unit temperature is -10 ℃.
  • Electrical and plumbing rooms should be made and equipped according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Current load (voltage and frequency to be confirmed by the buyer)
    Electricity source:
    High voltage: three-phase 6KV / 50Hz
    Low voltage: three-phase 400V / 50Hz


Shredder PSX-5240

Scrap baler shears

Static Scrap Baler Shear

System Separation

Separation Systems