simvic machines

PSE Pre-Shredder

PSE 500/700/900

State of the art double shaft Pre-Shredder
292-584 kW

SIMVIC PSE Pre-Shredder

The SIMVIC PSE Pre-Shredder is a powerful, simple, and efficient double shaft shredder perfect for shredding light large-size scrap metal (cars, white goods). Can work as a standalone unit or as a part of our Modular Recycling and Recovery line.

More powerful

  • All electric
  • Soft starter and power reducer systems
  • Equipped with automatic power changing system
  • Output power can be up to 2.5x higher than initial motor power


  • Unique teeth design allows for easy processing of all scrap types
  • Shaft speed differentiation optimizes shredding
  • Automatic pusher allows for each shaft rpm to produce an equal yield


  • Significantly lower maintenance costs compared to alternative machines with hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic operation of the upper case enables easy maintenance of the shaft
  • Automatic lubrication of shaft bearings
  • Easy to replace shaft teeth

Working process

  • Inclined hopper feed
  • High and adjustable torque
  • Separately adjustable shaft rotation speed
  • Automatic shaft electric drive system


Type Unit PSE-500(600) PSE-700 PSE-900 Feeding Width mm 2300 2500 2500 Discs/teeth per disc(bottom) Pieces 4(5)/10 4(5)/10 4(5)/10 Diameter teeth(top/bottom) mm 1600(1600) 1700(1700) 1800(1800) Shaft rotating speed(top/bottom) rpm 2.5-3.5/8-12 2.5-3.5/8-12 2.5-3.5/8-12 Main motor KW 292(360) 440 584 Capacity T/h 10-25 30-40 40-60


  • Heavy apron conveyor
  • Metal platform (support frame)


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Static Scrap Baler Shear

System Separation

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